Yukon NVB Tracker 3×42 Gece Görüş Dürbünü

Yukon NVB Tracker 3×42 Gece Görüş Dürbünü

Yukon NVB Tracker 3×42 Gece Görüş Dürbünü Yukon Tarafından Geliştirilen Çift Lensli Çok Güçlü Bir Ürün. Özellikle Lens Çapı Ürünü Dikkat Çekici Kılmaktadır.

Ürün Kodu : GG YTC 0342

Tavsiye Edilen Satış Fiyatı : 1.730 $


Yukon NVB Tracker 3×42 Gece Görüş Dürbünü

The Tracker 3×42 night vision binoculars were designed on the basis of the 2×24 LT model, but they have greater magnification and light gathering capacity. Like all other Yukon night vision binoculars, the Tracker 3×42 features compact dimensions and light weight. Ergonomic, rough body of shock-proof polymer with the soft coating allow the user to hold them comfortably even with moist hands. Soft rubber eyeshade with extended blinds protects the user’s eyes against stray flash also concealing the tube’s luminescence. The device is equipped with a built-in IR illuminator that considerably enhances observation quality in night conditions and is indispensable in complete darkness. Optical components of the binoculars are made of high quality multicoated optical glass. This ensures high resolution, fine light gathering capacity and contrast. Binoculars’ and IR illuminator’s LED indicators are hidden behind a tinted semi-transparent cover and can not be detected from outside.

Model 25028
Image Tube Generation 1
Magnification, x 3
Lens Diameter, mm 42
Field of View, degree 20
Eye Relief, mm 12
Diopter Adjustment, D +/-5
Range of Detection, m 150
IR Illuminator, main/auxilliary Yes/No
Grade of water-resistance -
Power Supply, V 3 (CR123)
LCD/Clock Readout, yes/no No
Dimensions, mm 184x123x72
Weight, kg 0.7

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